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Did you know - Shiva's damru and Sanskrit grammar

Lord Shiva

A prayer that is also a Sanskrit grammar text book

Shiva Sutras written by Panini are simultaneously a stuti of Lord Shiva that recreate the sound made by his damaru and also a comprehensive list of basic sounds that form the basis of all sanskrit words.

Check video to hear the Shiva Sutras chanted by Pandit Jasraj and his disciples


Shiva's damru and Sanskrit grammar

Panini was a student of a gurukula (system of education in 4th century BC). He was a dull student, and was teased by many of his friends. So, worried of his situation, the guru mata (wife of guru) advised him to go to Himalayas and do tapas. So he went to Himalayas and started meditating to lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was pleased with his strong tapas. He came and danced before Panini. While dancing, the sound from his damaru (the small drum like music instrument that Shiva has) was heard by Panini as the Maheshwara Sutra that form an indispensable part of Sanskrit grammar.

To listen to Shiva Tandava Stotra composed by Ravana to please Lord Shiva  - 


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