1)   God, our father, is one and without equal
There is but one God who answers the prayers of his all devotees who invoke him through his countless names and forms.

2)   Every particle in existence is luminous with God
God permeates all existence. He is omnipresent.

3)   God lives in every heart
God, the super soul, exists in us as our individual soul. We are parts and he is the whole. He is the fire of which we are sparks.

4)    Work is worship
To perform one’s duties in the light of dharma fairly, honestly and     non-violently and to the best of one’s ability is spiritual practice.

5)   Satyamev Jayate
Truth alone triumphs. We live in a fair universe where falsehood always loses out to truth.

6)   Attributing doership to Shri Hari is bhakti  
We are not doers, God is. He who lives, feels and acts out this truth is indeed a devotee. Our egos delude us into believing that we are in the driving seat.

7)   We are merely trustees, not owners
We should not consider ourselves owners of what we possess. We are but custodians of all that has been given to us. In our 60-to-70-year-old-lives, we should live responsibly. We should attempt to make the world a better place because we have lived and not leave it worse.   

8)    Know the one with a stainless character to be a saint.  
He who seeks the Lord and spends all hours in remembrance of the Lord, keeps his mind and body clean and never abandons good conduct or sheel is a saint.

9)   Seek not material wealth, seek the Lord who owns it all
Do not chase the Goddess of Wealth, seek the feet of her consort Lord Vishnu. Mother Lakshmi blesses those who serve the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu.

10)  Respect your elders, treat those who are younger/ subordinate with love and compassion
Respect those elder to you in years, in knowledge and spiritual attainment and act with love and compassion with those who are younger/ less fortunate than you.

11) Money is important but it is not everything.
Seek a life of abundance but do not be like those who make money the centre of their lives. Nobody is poorer than the man who is wealthy and is never satisfied.

12) Live a virtuous life, help everyone and spread joy wherever you go.
Make this human birth which the shastras say comes after birth in 84 crore other species so that your presence is missed in this world after you shuffle your mortal coil.

13) Do good even when people are evil with you
Do not return evil for evil. Do good to everyone, including those who wish to harm you. Kabir says our parents and relatives rejoice when we are born. He urges us to live so people grieve when we die.

14) A saint radiates love for everyone
Saints love all beings. They love even those who attempt to harm them. They do not desire money, fame or recognition. They bless everyone because it is the nature of a saint to bless.

15) A saint is kind to all beings and practices forgiveness
A scorpion bites because it is his nature. Similarly, it is the nature of a saint to be kind. He who harbours grudges against no one and prays for the welfare of all is a saint.

16) We exist to serve the Lord
The scriptures say that one is born as a human after rebirths among 84 crore other species. The purpose of this precious human life is to seek the lotus feet of Shri Narayana, and to serve him through devotion and service to his creatures.