Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shri Radhe Maa - Brush with the paranormal

By Sanjeev Gupta

Rita Purohit’s story: After watching a late night movie at INOX in Nariman Point, Mumbai, I asked my husband to wait for me as I proceeded to the wash room to freshen up. Just before I entered, I felt someone walk past me and enter the room before me. It was scary but I brushed my misgiving aside and proceeded to the washroom. As I straightened my dress and patted my hair into place, the hand sanitizer that was a few feet away from me came to life on its own. Surprised, I looked at it. It turned off and then turned on again. This happened five times. Terrified, I rushed out of room and babbled the entire episode to my husband who tried explain how it could have happened on its own. On our way home, I was shaken by the experience and also upset that my husband would not sympathise with what had happened. I later learnt that I had misread his attempts to calm me down. He told me later that he had also sensed the entry of whatever it was that was giving me company in the washroom and had also heard stilettos as the entity had walked out of the washroom.

He had felt a light breeze as it had walked past him.

 The next day, I called Choti Maa to understand what had happened. I heard Devi Maa laughing in the background. I rushed to Devi Maa's  Bhavan. Devi Maa told me, "She thought she could take you - the chandali! She had to leave when she saw my swarup on you." I had goose bumps. I thanked Devi Maa profusely, sought her blessings and left. It was past 1 am when I left the Bhavan in Borivli, Mumbai. Back then, I lived in Powai, which is an hour-and-half drive away from Devi Maa’s Bhavan. I had to drive alone through the Aarey Milk Colony stretch that has gained notoriety for its jungle, leopards and paranormal sightings. The memory of my narrow brush with the entity fresh in my mind, I was terrified at the prospect of passing through the dark, people less road. I arranged the rear view mirror so I did not have to see the back seat. If some spirit wanted to take the rear seat, I did not want to see it. I turned on the stereo and was relieved to hear the Hanuman Chalisa playing. Somehow, chanting Devi Maa's name and with the Chalisa playing on my stereo, I reached home. The Chalisa had also ended. The next day, it struck me that I did not have a Hanuman Chalisa tape. I checked with my driver, my family members and no one had purchased a Hanuman Chalisa album. I walked to the car and turned the stereo on.

Bollywood film music streamed out of the car stereo.


  As told to Satish Purohit

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'Shri Radhe Maa' - Amrut Leela

 Fruits of love

By Sanjeev Gupta

Felling the mango tree that grew in the compound of 'Shri Radhe Maa
' Bhavan appeared to be the only way out. After all, we reasoned, the tree had not yielded any fruit for years now. It had been there before we met Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa. There was, therefore, no point in letting it stand. 

When Mamtamai Shri  Radhe Maa heard of our plans she would have none of it. No one should dare touch the tree, she said. I believe Devi Maa saved us from committing a grave sin. Our joint family headed by my father Shri Manmohan Gupta had decided to fell the tree but thanks to Devi Maa’s guidance we were spared of killing a tree.

As she said this, she walked up to the tree and hugged it. “Give me some fruit,” she told the tree. “I want to taste your fruit,” she whispered to the tree, and kissed it. Had it been another person acted
in this manner, we would have found it strange. However, it was Devi Maa who was doing it, so we knew we were witnessing yet another of her leelas unfolding before our eyes.

Six years have passed since then. The tree did not sprout fruit immediately but we believed it would, because Devi Maa had said it would. Shraddha (faith) and saburi (patience) always work wonders for
those on the spiritual path. Today, one has to see and taste the abundance of fruit the tree gives to understand what Devi Maa’s grace can achieve.
As told to Satish Purohit

'Maa Bhagwati Jagran' aur Shri Radhe Maa ke diyva darshan

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Monday, February 27, 2012

'Shri Radhe Maa' saved my son

'Shri Radhe Maa'

By Sanjeev Gupta

Rita Purohit’s story:  Once, Shri Radhe Maa drew some snakes on my son’s hands with mehendi, and I paid no attention to it because Shri Maa’s ways are the ways of a child. She sports freely. She is extremely innocent and childlike and being around her is in ways like being around a child. I only understood what she had done a few days later, when a snake fell out of nowhere on my son as he was enjoying a joyride at a water park. He was with his schoolmates on a fun trip.

The snake did not bite him but it was narrow brush. Shaken, he narrated the story to me. I thanked Devi Maa in my heart. When I presented myself in her presence before I could say a word she said,
 “I had to protect him. He is your son. The snake had come to take him but I would not allow it. He saw my swarup (Her image in a string that he wore around his neck) and left after taking darshan.” I was too moved for words. A catch in throat, eyes streaming with tears, I fell at her feet. 

As spoken to Satish Purohit

Rita Purohit
Receive Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa’s blessings at the Maa Jagadamba Jagran in Film City, Goregaon, Mumbai on 3rd March. Call 9820969020 for passes

Saturday, February 25, 2012

'Shri Radhe Maa' sees everything

Mamtamai Shree Radhe Maa answers questions hidden in our hearts
By Tina (Gunjan) Agarwal .

I do not promise you that it will not rain when you step out. I do promise to be your umbrella. Mamtamai Shree Radhe Maa

I had my first darshan of Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa in 2003. I was a student of Std XII. My brother Sanjeev, the first in our family to enter Maa’s service, had told me about her divine powers but all that was way beyond my understanding at that point. I simply felt drawn to Maa’s swarup and the depth in her all-seeing eyes. I later discovered
that her outer form is a reflection of her stunning inner beauty.

After the chowki concluded, Devi Maa left for the house of a bhakta where she was staying. After the darshan, I prayed to Maa for another darshan. It was to be held in March. My only fear was that Devi Maa’s arrival would coincide with my exams and I would find it difficult to offer seva to her.  She answered my prayers. My exams dates were revised and she came to our house the very day my exams got over. I used to offer charan seva (pressing feet etc) to Maa but it was my elder sister who cooked for her. Eager to offer service to Maa, I began cooking. I discovered that the days I was distracted or not paying enough attention to the cooking, she would eat very little.
There were days when she would not eat at all. She does not accept acts of devotion that are performed mechanically. She would say that she enjoyed food cooked with devotion. I wondered at how she always knew what my state of mind had been like when I cooked for her. “I will eat what you will offer me with love and devotion,” Maa said. We maintain an akhand jyot in the Shri Radhe Maa Bhavan. I have had countless experiences where a question asked to the jyot has been answered by Maa when I meet her in person. There were days when I used to hum some lines of a bhajan and as I presented myself before Maa,
she would start humming the very same lines. Three years after I graduated from college, my parents began looking for a suitable match for me. I prayed that I would not be married too far from Maa’s Bhavan in Borivli. Offers for marriage began pouring in from Bangalore, Delhi and other cities. Maa smiled at me and said, “I am not letting you move beyond Malad after your marriage.” There was no proposal to be considered from Malad at that point. But what Maa says always comes to pass. I celebrated my first wedding anniversary on February 19 this year (2012), and it is in Malad that I was finally married.

As spoken to Satish Purohit .