Monday, August 18, 2014

Why is it okay for Krishna to steal butter and not for us?

Shri Radhe

One, because Krishna is God. Everything belongs to him. Whatever he takes, he is only taking what belongs to him in the final reckoning. Two, because the purpose is not to steal but to give pleasure to his pure devotees who take incarnate with him to participate in his leelas. Because he takes away from his devotees, he is called 'Hari' or the 'one who takes away'. In the taking away, he unburdens them of all which keeps them from enjoying the bliss that is their true nature - sadchidananda.

May Balmukunda, the stealer of clothes, butter and hearts, bless us with a glance of his merciful eyes! Keshav jai! jai! Madhav jai! jai! 

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