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Swami Ram and the Miracle of Sadashiva

Maa Bhagwati
Pt. Naraindas Raina and his wife Smt. Arnyamali wanted another son. Their elder son was 18 when they sought the blessings of their guru Swami Ram, a great Shiva master. Swami ji gave Shrimati Aryanmali an almond to eat. 

Shortly, Shrimati Aryanmali conceived. When the son was born and Swami Ram heard the good news, he shouted with joy, "I am Ram. Let him be called Lakshman."

Swami also announced that Lakshman was a great yogi who would reach the highest stage in this birth. The child grew to become Swami  Lakshman Joo (9 May 1907 – 27 September 1991), the great devotee of Shiva and Maa Bhagwati and a great master of Kashmiri Shaivism.

Swami Laksman Joo lived a life of purity, simplicity and gave the knowledge of the Shaiva Shastras free to anyone who sought knowledge. He influenced several scholars across India and the world with his scholarly writings.

May Sadashiva, who reveals his light on this plane through perfect masters like Shri Lakshman Joo, keep us in his all-transforming light!

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