Thursday, August 28, 2014

How do the Japanese chant Ganesha mantras?


The Japanese know Ganesha as Kangiten who is also worshiped in a dual form as Kangiten. The dual Ganesha has images of both Vinayaka as well as Vinayaki in an embrace. Couples who desire happiness in the married life and children worship Vinayaka in this form in Japan. The Japanese consider Ganesha as the granter of prosperity and is therefore very popular among businessmen.

While there are hundreds of of Ganesh temples in Japan, the most important the Hōzan-ji shrine on Mount Ikoma. 

May Lord Ganesha of Hōzan-ji shrine on Mount Ikoma in Japan bless us all with happiness, love and prosperity!

Watch a Japanese man chant Ganesh mantras in Sanskrit on the following link

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