Monday, January 20, 2014

South African Temple where Lord Kartikeya wears a saree!

Reunion is an French island off the coast of South Africa. The Tamil Hindus on the island speak French and worship the Devi and Lord Shiva. Interestingly, the Hindus of Reunion follow shakti and look at Nataraja, who is an aspect of Shiva, as Devi and worship Lord Murugan or Kartikeya as Devi as well.They therefore tie a sari to Murugan and worship him as a manifestation of Mata Uma.

A number of Reunioners who had previously embraced Catholic Christianity are returning back to the Hindu fold and slow but steady number of people are taking Hindu names and embracing Sanatan Hindu Dharma.  

May Lord Murugan-Kartikeya of Reunion Island South Africa who is in his aspect as our beloved Mata Rani bless us all! 

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