Friday, January 31, 2014

Japanese Warkari completes her 30th waari of Vithoba this year

Yuriko Ikenoya, a follower of Gandhian Vinobha Bhave, commenced a study of the scriptures of the Warkari Vaishnava Sampradaya of Maharashtra that is centered around devotion to Lord Vithala (Shri Krishna) and his consort Mata Rukmini devi, after she became familiar with Tukaram Maharaj and Sant Dnyaneshwar through Vinoba's works.

Yuriko, who calls herself a pucca warkari, laments the increase in crowds and decrease in bhakti bhava. She feels the warkaris of old were more kattar in their observances.  

Yuriko has been residing at the Pawnar Ashram in Vardha. Ikenoya has translated Vinoba's Bhagwad Gita into Japanese. She has also translated at least 1,000 abhangas by Tukaram.

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