Thursday, January 9, 2014

A mountain in Australia that is Sakshat Shri Ganesha

Swayambhu Ganesha

The Uluru Hill, which is sacred to the Native people of Australia and called the Ayers Rock by other Australians is revered as Swayambhu Ganesha by the devotees of Mata Nirmala Devi who have had miraculous experiences when invoking the huge rock as Ganapati. 

The Australian government honours the sentiments of the native people of Australia and does not permit open access to the mountain which is held in deep reverence. 

"Now this Ganesha has appeared in Australia is as Uluru, is a very big mountain which looks like Shri Ganesha. It has also a very big trunk, going down. Vibrations itself will prove that it is Shri Ganesha, from the mother earth. He has appeared in many places, Shri Ganesha not only there.” – Shri Mata Nirmala Devi 'Mataji' who gave the world Sahaja Yoga. 

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