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Shri Radhe maa - LeelaAmrut - A bank guarantee gone wrong

How Devi Maa helped her devotee who was betrayed by a trusted friend 

By Purshottam Kohli
I grew up in a spiritual environment, which made me a God-fearing man. My wife and children are also spiritually inclined. Eleven years ago, in 2001, our neighbor, who had also become a good family friend over the years, took a big loan. When he said that the bank required a guarantor, we agreed to help, and my son became guarantor for the loan. He had not given us any reason to suspect his character. However, a few days after he took the loan, our neighbor fled the city. A few months later, the bank's officers approached us and asked our son to clear our neighbor’s dues. We realized that we had been betrayed. We asked the bank's officers why they would not confiscate his house and clear the amount due. The officers informed us that real estate rates had fallen and there was no way they could recover their outstanding by selling the flat. We were the guarantors. We had to pay up. 

We panicked. 

We had extended a helping hand to a friend and what a heavy price we were being made to pay for it. We moved the court for relief. The case dragged on for six-years without any result. The bank kept revising the outstanding by adding the burden of interest to the principal outstanding. The frequent trips to the court along taxed us heavily. It left us tired, and drained and also burnt a hole in our pockets.
The turn of events left the entire family stressed. I prayed to God and was beginning to despair because there appeared to be no end in sight. The amount in question was too large for us to pay. We feared not just monetary loss but the loss of face.  
Around that time, I came in Devi Maa's sharan. She was our last hope. We prayed to her to relieve us of our burden.  
Mr. Purshottam Kohli (Pic. courtesy - Author)

There was a chowki at Radhe Maa Bhavan on the night of 22nd November that year. I went for Devi Maa’s darshan with the burden of my woes on my heart. Sometime in the evening, the dam of my patience collapsed. I wept bitterly. I began to pray to Devi Maa in my mind. I petitioned her for help as I walked into her gufaa. She was watching me. As I prayed, she glanced at me with her caring and motherly eyes.  She conveyed through her gestures that I should leave everything to her. She would do what was required. I should not worry, her eyes told me. I felt a flood of relief wash over me. I was convinced that she would find a way out.
Two days later, a bank official came to visit us. He simply handed me all our confiscated documents and papers and apologised for the trouble his company had caused us. He told me that the bank had managed to get a fair value for the mortgaged flat, and had decided to forfeit the loan amount. I did not owe the bank a single paisa. 

I realised the power of faith in Devi Maa and thanked her for her grace. Nothing is impossible for the devotee who believes in Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa. Everything changes once one believes.   

I owe my life to Devi Maa.

The author, a businessman, lives in Mumbai

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