Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa - A promise is a promise

I will never abandon you.
- Shri Radhe Maa

By Sanjeev Gupta

Vishal Sareen’s (Mintu) story: Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa promised me in the winter of 2001 that she would visit our house on Diwali. Devi Maa tests our faith. She also expects us to be patient. I had asked her to bless our home in Mukerian, Punjab, with her charan and she had graciously agreed. Diwali being a special day for Hindus and Sikhs, Devi Maa’s devotees make it a point to seek her blessings. Devotees maintain that seeking her blessings on the day ensures prosperity, peace and health through the year.
Not surprisingly, on Diwali, the clock kept ticking and yet Devi Maa did not come. I however did not want to abandon my faith in her words. We had decorated a room so it was transformed into her gufa. Our bed was to be her aasan or throne where she was to give darshan. We waited with a sinking feeling, expecting her to would turn up any moment. At around 1 am, I told my mother that it was time to retire. However, I thought that it was appropriate that we would sleep on the floor that night. Devi Maa’s aasan would be left undisturbed. It did not feel right to disturb it.  
The night was very cold and the blankets warm. I slept soundly. Sometime into the night, I was awakened by Devi Maa’s voice, “Mintu, you are sleeping soundly and you have not spread the blanket for me.” I thought I was imagining it. The voice rang out in the darkness once again. “Get up, spread the blanket. It is very cold.”

I woke up and looked at the aasan. It was undisturbed. I spread the blanket that had been kept over it. The clarity in Devi Maa’s voice was still with me. The hair on my hands stood at end. She had indeed visited. I had been given fresh proof that Devi Maa always keeps her word. With her, a promise is a promise.           
As spoken to Satish Purohit

Vishal Sareen lives in Sydney, Australia, where he runs a computer peripherals and software business with his brother. He along with two other devotees hold chowkies regularly to glorify Maa Jagdambe in their homes. Email him on to know more

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