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Shri Radhe Maa - Amrut leela - A friend in need

Shri Radhe Maa 

By Sanjeev Gupta

Shri Radhe Maa
Vishal Sareen’s (Mintu) story:  I had settled happily in Australia after I got married. Life was good except for three regrets. I missed India. I missed loved ones back home and I missed Devi Maa. I requested Devi Maa to bless us with a visit to Australia. She promised me she would come. This was in 2007. I had just been in Australia for a year.

 In 2008, just a year after she made the promise, Devi Maa came to Australia and stayed for two weeks. Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa’s leelas continued in Australia. I re-established contact with an Indian friend with whom I had lost touch for the last few years. He had moved to New Zealand and was now a citizen. He moved to Australia a short while after I moved to that country myself. Despite having moved before me, he was struggling to make ends meet. He had a degree in logistics but that had not done him any good. He was forced to drive a taxi to manage his family that comprised of his wife and son. I asked him to pray sincerely to Devi Maa who always rewards those who believe in Her and wait patiently for her blessings.  

I invited my friend to Devi Maa’s chowki in the house of another devotee in Australia. I prayed to Maa and asked her to help my friend.  I asked her to make me a channel of her grace. I told my friend that he could stay with me till he found a house on rent, which is a big deal in Australia. More so, if you are an Indian with a New Zealand passport and have no income. A few days after the chowki, which my friend attended, as we stepped out of a friend’s home to drive home, a man called out to us. He was an Indian from Fiji. He told us that he called because he thought we looked Indian. He wanted to rent out a house he owned. Would we know of someone who was interested?

So, my friend had his house on the very night of the jagran. A fortnight later he landed a job that appeared to be made just for him. A few months later, his wife joined him with their son. Devi Maa honoured my request. The friend is a staunch devotee of Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa today.

- As spoken to Satish Purohit

Vishal Sareen lives in Sydney, Australia, where he runs a computer peripherals and software business with his brother. He along with two other devotees hold chowkies regularly to glorify Maa Jagdambe in their homes. Email him on to know more.  

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