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Shri Radhe Maa - Leela-Amrut- How Devi Maa saved little Annie

How can I abandon the one who calls me mother?
- Shri Radhe Maa

By Rita Chana

What follows is the story of the biggest miracle that Devi Maa has wrought in my life – my daughter Annie.

Annie was born on 13 weeks premature on 15th September 2011.
She weighed just 750 grams – the weight of a box of mithai. Annie had lots of problems but she weathered them all thanks to Devi Maa’s blessings. When she was born, doctors cautiously advised us to take each day as it came. 

Annie in the days following her birth
My faith in Devi Maa was unwavering; I was sure she would help my little angel tide the trials she was facing. The doctors told us that Annie was bleeding internally in her head. 

I prayed to Devi Maa and the bleeding disappeared.  Annie was born before her digestive system could develop fully, and she also had a blockage in her digestive system the doctors told us. All symptoms pointed to that direction. On the day Annie was to be X-Rayed, I prayed to Devi Maa and tied a molee (sacred thread) around her swaroop (picture). I knew that Devi Maa was looking after her. I had full faith in her.

My Maa Strongest:  Rita Chana with her daughter Annie
(Picture courtesy - Rita Chana) 
I was steeling myself for the inevitable operation that I expected the doctors to recommend. However, the results of the x-ray shocked everyone, including the doctors when it revealed that she was completely normal. This was when my husband realised how powerful Devi Maa is. He is not religious or even spiritually inclined but after this ordeal, he is convinced that Devi Maa helped Annie at every step. Whenever Annie had any problems, I would quietly pray to Devi Maa and within minutes, Annie would show signs of recovery. Devi Maa blessed our daughter by naming her Annie.

Precious Annie is truly is one of Devi Maa’s little miracles.

The author is government servant, makeup artist and entrepreneur based in London 

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