Thursday, July 17, 2014

Trailanga Swami, the ferocious tiger and the king of Nepal

The king of Nepal was not able to shoot a tiger despite repeated attempts. He chased the tiger into thick bushes and with his gun ready, he proceeded cautiously. He heard a deep growl and walked in that direction. He saw the terrified tiger sitting at the feet of a naked sadhu. The Sadhu was patting the roaring tiger.

"Fear not, o king. The tiger intends no harm. Everything has been created by God. When you love, you are loved in return. Always, bear this in mind," said the calm yogi.

The yogi was none other than Trailanga Swami (1607-1887), who was known as Living Shiva of Benaras.

Har Har Mahadev! Jai Trailanga Swami!

May we be fortunate to lay our heads in worshipful reverence at the lotus feet of Trailanga Swami, the leading among Shiva-bhaktas!

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