Friday, July 25, 2014

Maa Kalika, Mata Anandamayee and the mad man - a leela

Kalika Devi

The year was 1948, when a mentally disturbed man entered a garden where Mata Anandamayee (30 April 1896 - 27 August 1982), who was widely revered as an avatar of Mata Amba, was granting darshan. The man ordered all women to cover their heads but they paid him not attention. He then went to Maa and asked her to cover her head and she agreed. All the other women copied Maa. 

The man sat in the men's section for some time and got up to leave. Maa asked a devotee to give the mad man fruit as prasad. The man took it and then flung it at Maa in anger. The orange hit Maa. Upset devotees caught the man and took it out of the satsang area and roughed him up. Maa told her devotees that they were wrong to beat up the man.

The man returned the next day completely sobered. It turned out that he had been healed of his condition after he threw the fruit at Maa. He had come to express his gratitude. "You should not stop anyone who comes to this body," she said, referring to herself. 

Jai Mata Kalika! Jai Anandmayee Maa! 

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