Monday, July 14, 2014

Who is a Brahmin? A story from the Chandogya Upanishad

Jabala, a woman who was poor and had worked in the houses of several rich men, did not know who the father of her son Satyakama was. When it was time for Satyakama to gain an education, he asked him mother what he should tell the teacher about who his father was. "I have worked for many men and I do not know who your father is. All I know is that I am Jabala and you are my son Satyakama."

Satyakama innocent and trusting went to Rishi Gautama Haridrumata and requested him to accept him as a disciple. "Tell me about your family son," said the rishi.

Satyakama repeated what his mother had told him and added, "Sir, I do not know anything beyond this.

"My son, you speak the truth at all costs. You are a Brahmin," said Rishi Gautama and accepted Satyakama Jabala, the son of the truthful mother as his disciple.

It is not by birth that one becomes a Brahmin but by walking the path of truth.

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