Monday, July 21, 2014

Lord Shiva, Swami Ram and the tale of three potatoes

One night, Swami Ram, the great expounder of Kashmir Shaivism, came out of Samadhi after several days. He sent a disciple to get some potatoes from the house of a devotee. The lady of the house, whose son was terminally ill, was angry at being awakened at such a late hour. When the disciple returned empty handed, Swami ji said that he was trying to stop yamraj from claiming her son's life but now he had no choice but to let fate take its course.

The next day, the devotee's son passed away. A Muslim woman who was childless heard that the Swami needed potatoes. She hurried with a basketful. "Why this basketful of potatoes? You cannot handle so many?" said the Swami.

He picked up three potatoes and gave it to the woman, who gave birth to three sons in time. Such is the leela of true masters.

May Lord Shiva, who resides in us as our effulgent self, awaken the fire of vairagya within us!

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