Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sufi Abdul Shah Bhitai and Mata Hinglaj - an ancient tale from Pakistan

Hinglaj Maa

The Hindus of Balochistan recount a tale.

Sufi Abdul Shah Bhitai (1689 – 1752), the master poet and saint from Sindh, once visited the Nani Mandir, the moola sthana of Mata Hinglaj, the kul devi of several Rajput, Lohana and Goldsmith families of Sindh, Gujrat and Rajasthan. The Mata presence is believed to left the site but when the Sufi lifted a bowl of kheer to the goddess, she animated the idol with her presence once again.
The presence of the temple and the continued worship of Mata Hinglaj shows us that large sections of Muslims in Sindh and Balochistan continue to be tolerant and accommodating towards Hindu and other minorities as they have been for centuries.   

May Mata Hinlaj of Kanraj Mountains near Karachi, in the Baluchistan province of  Pakistan, bless all her devotees with compassion, love and strength.

Jai Mata Hinglaj! Jai Mata Di!

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