Thursday, June 19, 2014

Goswami Tulsidas's question and Abdul Rahim's answer

Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram

Ram bhakt and author of the Ramcharitmanas Goswami Tulsi Das one asked his friend Abdul Rahim Khan-i-khana, the poet and noble in Badshah Akbar's court why he did not look at the person he gave charity to? Why were his eyes lowered?  

Aisi deni den jyun, kith seekhe ho sain
jyon jyon kar uchyon karo, tyon tyon neeche nain

Where did you learn this wonderful art of giving, kind sir?
As you raise your hands to give, you lower your eyes!

Rahim, a gyani in his own right, understood that his friends had asked him a question so he would respond in one of his celebrated dohas. Rahim answered:

Denhaar koi aur hai, bhejat jo din raain
Log bharam hum par kare, taase neeche rain

The true giver is someone else God, who gives day and night
People mistake me as the giver, I therefore lower my eyes in humility

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