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Maharaj Janak and his horrible dream - Shri Radhe Maa

Maharaj Janaka

Maharaj Janak was weeping. 

His kingdom snatched, his wife taken away, his enemies in hot pursuit, the king unable to control hunger pangs stretched his hands to pick the dried roti on the dusty road. A dog appeared from nowhere and picked up the roti and ran. 

Suddenly King Janak was awake and found his queen by his side and discovered that all was well. Was I dreaming then? Am I dreaming now? Are both dreams? What is reality? What is dream? 

King Janaka invited wise men from all corners of the earth to explain the difference between dream and reality. He was afraid that he would wake up from this life of a king and discover that this too had been a dream.

"That you were defeated and homless was a dream. That you are a king is the reality," said one. 

"Both states are real while you are experiencing them," said another wise man. 

"That dream was real. That you are a king is an illusion," said a third wise man.

Then spoke Ashtawakra, the one whose body was deformed in eight places. 

"O king neither are real because how can that which is true be subject to change be true?"

"What is truth then?" asked Janaka.

The witness, the sakshi, who was persent in both the states. The Self that watches all. That alone is real O Janaka. Everything except the Self is subject to change and is therefore unreal o king.

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