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Shri Radhe Maa - Leela-Amrut - Trial through fire

By Sanjeev Gupta

Have faith in God. He will protect you from all troubles.

Kajal Anand’s Story: Businesswoman and homemaker Kajal Anand lives in Mumbai with her family. She  runs a organic beauty aid business with a dedicated clientele and has a supportive family. There was however a time when things were not as well. Her business was not doing too well and making routine payments became difficult. As she was unable to pay her car loan installments, the bank served her a confiscation notice and warned her that the car would be taken away if the payments were not made soon. The situation deteriorated to a point where the family decided to sell their home. The Anands have been devotees of Devi Maa for years now, so they faced every day with fortitude with a prayer to Devi Maa on their lips. 

Kajal felt that her faith was being tested. She did not want to fail Devi Maa. No matter how harsh the conditions became, Kajal was convinced that the times would change for the good. She remembered Devi Maa’s constant emphasis on shraddha (deep faith) and saburi (patience) in the face of life’s challenges. Kajal knew that times change. What should remain constant is one’s faith in one’s ishta. 

Shri Radhe Maa

One day, Choti Maa, Devi Maa’s closest sevadar, called Kajal, and told her that Devi Maa had taken notice of all of her problems. Devi Maa’s orders were to go ahead with the planned sale of her flat. Kajal had shared neither her problems nor her plans to sell her flat with Devi Maa or Choti Maa but had been long enough in Devi Maa’s service know that everything is possible in her darbar. 

 After that call from Choti Maa, life started becoming more pleasant for the Anands. The Anands got a great offer for their flat. They shifted to a new house and managed to clear most of the loans that had been dogging the family.

Kajal’s business picked up and the family found peace as well as happiness that had eluded them for so long. “I credit Devi Maa’s grace for all that is good and beautiful in my life. What I have learnt is that success is not far from the person who surrenders with complete faith to God.”

Kajal learnt that the prayers of those that keep their faith in the face of adversity and do not cease to serve their ishta in bad times are always answered.   
Translated from Hindi by Durgesh Gupta

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