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Shri Radhe Maa - Leela-Amrut - Miracle at first sight

How a devotee got her mobile phone days after it was lost 

By Sanjeev Gupta

Vaishali More’s story: Vaishali More had purchased a new mobile phone after several months of diligent saving. On the day she lost her phone, Vaishali who had passed Std XII, was on her way to enroll in FYBCom in her college in Bandra, Mumbai. As she was not used to carrying the phone around, it did not take much for her to forget everything about it as she stepped out of the autorickshaw. Later, she cursed herself for having been so careless. Having been brought up in a family where every paisa mattered, losing a brand new mobile phone that cost her a small fortune was not something she was going to forget easily.
Vaishali was feeling really sorry for herself.

 As she walked on the road, Vaishali saw Devi Maa’s swaroop (image) on a billboard. She prayed to Devi Maa and promised that she would present herself for darshan and even offer a chunri as a token of thanksgiving, if she managed to find her phone.  

Shri Radhe Maa

 A few days later, Vaishali came to Borivali, a suburb of Mumbai, on some business. She was walking on the road when the autorickshaw she had left her phone in stopped right in front of her. Over three hundred thousand autorickshaws ply in Mumbai and Bandra is 30 km from Borivali, so the chances of driver and passenger meeting in this manner were minuscule.  
“How did you know the mobile is mine?” Vaishali asked.
“I saw you using it, and I remember you,” the man said.

Vaishali thanked him profusely. In the evening, she found the address of Devi Maa’s bhavan, which is also in Borivali. There was a chowki on that day, so she went for Devi Maa’s darshan and also offered her the chunri she had promised. Vaishali realised that Devi Maa never fails devotees who pray to her sincerely. 

Translated from Hindi by Durgesh Gupta 

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