Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How Lord Shiva blessed Ghushma
Once upon a time Sudeha a Brahmin's wife killed her her sister  Ghushma's infant son out of jealousy. The sisters were married to the same man but Sudeha was childless. However, on the day Ghushma learned of the loss of her son's life, she did not abandon the worship of Shiva but went on to worship 108 Shiva Lingas that she did dutifully every day. 

Lord Shiva was pleased with her. He restored Ghushma's son back to life and also agreed to liberate Sudeha from the cycle of life and death on Ghshma's request. The spot where this lila took place became renowned as Ghushmeshwar in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. 

May Lord Ghusmeshwar bless all his devotees with the experience of our true nature - sad-chit-ananda!

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