Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thousand of Shiv lingas was carved by king Sadashivaraya

Pilgrim place Sahasralinga located at a distance of 17 km from Sirsi in Uttara kannada district which is on the banks of the river Shalmala near Bhairumbe village. More than 1000 Shiva lingas carved on the rocks –some on the river bank and some present in the river it is believed that
Bholenath Bhakt King Sadashivaraya, king of Karnataka (1678-1718) created 1001 Shivalingas by carving them on rocks He used to worship Lord Shiva as he was childless. He made vow to the Lord Shiva that the moment he would have a child, he would carve thousand lingas on the Shalmala river bank.  Soon after his vow, a daughter was born; hence the Sahsralingas were created on the bank of Shalmala River.  There are also bulls and other artistic forms carved on the rocks of the river

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