Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lord Ganesha's big fat wedding

Some Hindu depictions Lord Ganesha is a bachelor. In others he has two wives - Riddhi and Siddhi and is also the father of two sons Shubh and Laabh. 

Folklore has it that no girl wanted to marry a husband with an elephant's head. This upset Lord Ganesha who manifested his vignakarta roop - the creator of obstacles. He asked rats to dig holes in the paths of the celestial Devas as they journeyed to get their brides from their maternal homes. 

Lord Brahma was so moved by Lord Ganesha's plight and also with the poor Devas that he created two wives for him.  Riddhi is the manifestation of wealth and prosperity and the second wife Siddhi is the personification intellectual and spiritual achievement.  Thus was the Lord married, and wherever Lord Ganesha is invoked - there dwell all prosperity and well being. 
Where there is Ganesha, Siddhi and Riddhi follow, and their two sons Shubha (Auspiciousness) and Labha (Profit) also follow unfailingly.

May the pot-bellied one who is loved by Riddhi as well as Siddhi bless all his devotees! 

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