Friday, September 18, 2015

Kaveri, the river and Lord Ganapati

Sage Agastya prayed to Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva to grant him a wish – would they create an abundant river that would water the lands in the south. The wish was granted. The two great Gods filled the sage’ kamandalu or water pot with a river. Wherever he choose to pour from the kamandalu – a river would gush forth.
The wise sage then travelled to the South. He kept wandering from one place to another looking for an ideal location for the river. On the way he felt the call of nature and asked a little boy to take care of the sacred kamandalu for the time being.  The little boy was Lord Ganesha is disguise. He kept the kamandalu on the ground. A few moments later a crow sat on the pot, and overturned it as it flew away on being shooed by Sage Agastya.
The river is known to us as Kaveri.

Lord Ganesha has the welfare of all beings in his heart and he will act to ensure prosperity for his devotees even when they do not seek his assistance. Such is his affection. Such is his leela. 

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