Thursday, May 8, 2014

Maa Saraswati temple in Japan that blesses devotees with abundance

Saraswati Mata

Zeniarai Benten, is a shrine in Kamakura,  Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, where the waters of a spring in the cave of the shrine are said to multiply the money washed in it. The presiding kami or devata of the shrine is Benzaiten, the Japanese name for Saraswati who is not only worshipped as the patron of learning, poetry, music and fine arts but also as the granter of prosperity. 

Devotees offer deepa in the form of candles and dhoopa in the form of agarbattis and also tie paper kites to see Saraswati’s blessings. The devotees also place coins in a basket and wash it with water from the holy spring. Devotees have the firm belief that money thus washed multiplies, bringing wealth to the ones who do it. The temple is extremely popular and hundreds of Japanese visit the temple every day.

May the Divine Mother Benzaiten of Kamakura, Japan, bless all her devotees with wealth, inspiration and abundance! Jai Mata Di! 

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