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Jai Maa Chotila Chamunda!!

Maa Chotila is Goddess Chamunda the destroyer of the demons Chanda and Munda and her mool sthaan is the Surendranagar district of Gujarat near the city of Rajkot.

Maa in chotila are swayambhu, which means she has self-manifested. The idol is not man made.

 The story is that a holy man had a dream in which he was told by Maa that she was under the earth on Chotilo hill.

He was instructed to dig in a certain spot and Maa would appear there, he did what he was told to do and they found the beautiful Chamunda Maa. At that spot the temple was consecrated and to this day the temple is still there.

In the last decade the temple has been renovated and the darshan hall has been extended the new steps and corrugated sheets above the steps have been provided by the Ambani brothers.

Many people say Chamunda Maa is twinlike or two sisters that is not true, the story is that Kario Bhil was a devotee of Chamunda Maa and was his kuldevi and he had promised Maa that if he begot a child he would make another image of Maa in chotila if his prayer was fulfilled.

Maa chamunda is very compassionate and listened to his prayer, over time he forgot about his promise and Maa gave him a test, he was caught stealing by the British raj and sentenced to jail. Why you wonder why a Bhakt of Maa was caught stealing.

Chamunda Maa had given him a shawl that when laid on the ground and sit on it  would transport him into the air, the reason he was given this was to pillage the ships of the british raj that was carrying gold, jewels and coins which they had taken away from indian rajas. He started to carry out Maa's wish and with this treasure he would sell it and feed the poor. One day he was caught due to Maa's lila and taken into jail. Maa appeared to him in a dream and reminded him of his promise.He woke up and apologized to Maa and said he would fulfill the promise, due to difficulty as he was now old Maa completed his promise and she self manifested a second image of herself in Chotila.

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