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Devi Vajreshwari Mata and Maratha Warrior Chimaji Appa

In 1739, the Maratha general Chimaji Appa,  the younger brother and military commander of Peshwa Baji Rao I, had set camp in the Vadvali region of Maharashtra near Mumbai on his way to capture the Portuguese held Bassein Fort of Vasai. The fort was unconquerable even after a three-year war. 

Chimaji Appa prayed to goddess Vajreshwari who is Parvati in her Aadi Maaya aspect and promised that he could conquer the fort and defeat the Portuguese, he would build a temple to the goddess. According to legend, goddess Vajreshwari appeared in the dream of Chimaji Appa and told him the way to conquer the fort. On the 16 May, the fort fell and defeat of Portuguese in Vasai was complete. 

To celebrate his victory and to fulfill the vow taken in front of goddess Vajreshwari, Chimnaji appa ordered the new Subhedar (governor) Shankar Keshav Phadke to build the Vajreshwari temple. The temple' architecture is based on Bassein Fort. 

The original temple of Vajreshwari was at Gunj, which is 8 km of the spot where Vajreshwari Mata temple stands today. 

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