Monday, March 7, 2011

'Maa Jagadambe Jagaran' aur 'Mamta Mai Shri Radhe Maa' ke Divya Darshan

One of its kind soul-purifying experience.

Thousands and thousands of staunch believers of 'Shree Radhe Maa' experienced immense happiness and peace of mind after a rare glimpse and blessings of 'Shree Radhe Maa' at 'Mata Bhagwati’s Jaagran' on 3rd March at BEC Ground, Goregaon (East), Mumbai.

The sole objective of the Jagraan – the most sought after religious event of the year for the devotees - is to purify the soul and awaken the spiritual quotient by chanting and seeking divine blessings of Shri Radhe Maa and praising Shri Sherawali Mata. Being a social and religious cause, the entry was free and everyone was welcomed with love and respect.

A sea of people from all works of life gathered at the venue. They came from everywhere. From Mumbai and all over India. Hundreds came from UK, US, Dubai, Singapore, Canada etc.

The Mata Jagdambe Jaagran was a celebration – never seen, heard or imagined before. Devotees started trickling in very early to get a closer and better darshan of Shree Radhe Maa. Around 9.30 pm, renowned Bhajan maestro Anup Jalota began the Jagraan by singing soul soothing and heart warming hymns in praise of the lord. Later Master Saleem, Shardul Sikander, Ram Shankar and Arvinder Singh created a reverential atmosphere by singing emotion-charged songs praising Shri Sherawali Mata. Followed by recitation of Tara Rani stories.
And then came the most awaited moment of the night – finally Shree Radhe Maa arrived in a stunning, magnificent chariot led by pristine white royal horses. A heavy blast of flowers welcomed Shree Radhe Maa – it seemed, also Gods from the sky were showering roses and petals along with lakhs of devotees.

As the splendid chariot stopped at the entrance of the grandeur stage, a swanky hydraulic lift took Devi Maa above the stage to ensure that thousands and thousands of devotees can have the privilege of clear and divine darshan of Shree Radhe Maa, Because here darshan is the road to spiritual peace and prosperity.

As the crowd bowed down and took her blessings with folded hands, the hydraulic lift took her to the stage and her throne. It was the most beautiful sight in the world. Shree Radhe Maa in bright red finery glowing with love, energy and kindness. Cut-outs of two devotees with bugles moved back and forth on both sides of the throne. And then suddenly two lovely angels dressed in pure while appeared from nowhere and disappeared. The stage was nothing less than a temple with wonderful scriptures and statues of Lord Shiva, Shri Ram, Ganpatiji, Hanumanji and Maa Sherawali, making the ambience holy, pious and religious.

Amidst continuous showering and blasting of flowers, close relatives and friends of Mr Sanjeev Gupta performed soul-soothing pooja of Sherwawali Mata - religiously and sincerely. After the pooja and darshan, devotes took prasad at the langar arranged by the organizers of the Jagraan.

Traditional and in depth Pujan of the Jyot and Prajwalan (illumination of the Jyot) were performed whole heatedly. The devotees felt rejuvenated and re-energized after mass chanting till wee hours of the next day.

Mata Bhagwati’s Jaagran has been successfully and consistently organized for the last 8 years in Mumbai. It’s one of the most auspicious and sought after religious events among the believers In India and overseas. It’s a grand birthday celebration of Shri Radhe Maa organized by her thousands of enthusiastic disciples and devotees with tremendous excitement and fervour.


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kamal anand said...

jai shree radhey maa.

Pratik Sagar said...

"Jai kaara meri radhe shakti maa ji ka ... bol saache darbaar ki jai ..."

Will never forget this day ...

nirmal said...

jai kara radhe guru devi maa ka.......bole sache darbar ke jai.....
jai mata di

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SWETA said...

Jaikara shrawali da
saache darbaar ki jai

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From past 8 years ‘Devi Maa’ is giving Darshan to her devotees in every 15 days mostly on Saturdays late evenings from 9 pm onwards. Generally the Darshan starts on first come first basis and is on Free of Cost. ‘Devi Maa’ resides at RADHE MAA BHAVAN, SODAWALA LANE, and BORIVALI (W). If you are seeking her blessings, the NEXT CHOWKI IS ON 12TH MARCH, 2011 FROM 9 PM ONWARDS AT THE SAME VENUE (Radhe Maa Bhavan, Sodawala Lane, Borivali (w)). You can contact me on 9820082849 if you need any further assistance.

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There are many ways to bless people. Some give knowledge and some touch. Shree Radhe Maa blesses her devotees through DRISHTI –

Shree Radhe Maa has divine powers to read devotees’ mind and understand their problems - without them saying... a word. Therefore she speaks only when required.
In the last many years, she has helped lacs to find solution to their pressing worries and problems and bring in peace and sense of direction in their life. By leading them to the path of humanity, honesty and positive thinking.