Monday, October 19, 2015

Hail Kaalaatri, the dark night of time

All motion is dance of Shiva's tandava. Shiva himself cannot dance without the dance of Shakti, which is called Lasya. On the seventh night of the Navaratri, Mother Durga is worshipped as Kalaratri - the one who is Durga when she halts her Lasya between the dissolution of the Universe and the creation of a New Universe. In that that utter silence Mother Kalaratri reigns. Kalaratri has black skin, disheveled hair and she holds her hand ahead in the abhaya mudra - which says 'fear not'. She wears lightning on her neck. May Mother Kalratri, the one with three eyes who breathes fire and is the great fire into which the worlds are extinguished bless us all!

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