Monday, June 1, 2015

24 main lila-avataras - 17th Avatara - Lord Vamana

There are 24 main lila-avataras of the Supreme Being.

17th Avatara - Lord Vamana assumed as a form of dwarf-brahmana. 

He visited the sacrificial arena of Bali Maharaja on the pretense of asking for a measly three steps of land. Bali quickly agreed, thinking that this dwarf could not take up much land. However, when Vamana took two steps, His body became so gigantic that it covered the whole universe.

There was no where else to place His third step, so Bali, understanding that this was the Supreme Being, offered his own head. Thus, Vamana humbled Bali, who then became qualified to be given his own planet.


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