Saturday, October 20, 2012

Navratri Celebrations in West Bengal

The East Indian state of West Bengal celebrates Navratri as Durga Puja with much splendor and glitter. A literal visit to the capital city during Durga Puja is `a must watch` in one’s lifetime.

This festival is essentially religious in nature. Celebrated with true devotion, huge idols of the Goddess Durga posed as killing the demon Mahishasura are worshipped everywhere in West Bengal. Huge 'pandals' are set up everywhere and devotees in large numbers visit to worship Goddess Durga. Men, women and children all dressed up in new clothes visit different ‘pandals’ to offer prayers to the Mother Goddess.

The Goddess is seen in her most dynamic form, beautiful and fearsome invoking awe and bhakti in her devotees. On the fifth day or the tenth day of the festivity the beautifully crafted clay idols are immersed in the river.

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